Editing & Writing

Hi! I’m Paige Duffy, a freelance editor and writer based wherever there is a some-what-usable internet connection and vanilla lattes.

I am in my graduate year of a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Writing. When I began my degree, I did so with the intent of honing my creative writing skills, thinking my interest in grammar and editing would be a small (yet beneficial!) aid to my writing projects. However, I did not take long to realise my interest in editing was truly my passion, and my focus quickly shifted towards the editorial components within my degree.

I genuinely love editorial work and have experience in proofreading and copyediting all manner of texts: from creative—short stories, articles, screen and stage plays—to corporate. I have written creatively and professionally, collaborating with theatre companies to develop stage plays, reviewing theatre for online Brisbane-based publication The Creative Issue, and developing corporate training and process documents.

Whether you have a creative work that needs a grammar check, some content for your business site that needs writing, or an existing work that needs some reworking, I would be thrilled to help!


Need some editing? I can help with:

  • Proofreading
  • Copyediting

Need some writing? I can help with:

  • Articles and reviews
  • Website content
  • Corporate documents


For a quote, please contact me to discuss the project and level of my involvement. I hope to hear from you soon!